Saudi Arabia  In the wake of the deal between the international community and Iran over its nuclear programme.

By : Mohamed Adel

Saudi Arabia  In the wake of the deal between the international community and Iran over its nuclear programme, EU High Representative Federica Mogherini was in Saudi Arabia Monday to discuss regional issues. Today she travels on to Iran. Speaking after meeting Saudi Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, she said: “I would also like to thank you for the warm welcome as well as the excellent and long exchange of views on all the main important issues we have in common between the European Union and Saudi Arabia,

 starting by the important bilateral relations that cover all fields of our public life, from the talks we had on visa issues, to security and counter-terrorism cooperation, energy and trade economic opportunities, people to people contacts. We have deep relations and we - on the European side - are willing to strengthen them even more

We have also discussed the possibility of structuring our cooperation even more, on a bilateral level or through the GCC-EU cooperation, and the use of the idea we discussed at the last meeting of the EU-GCC Ministerial a couple of months ago of tackling issues of human rights through a separate working group in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

 I have particularly appreciated our common visions on the Middle East Peace Process, where we in the European Union believe that the Saudi Arabia has a key role to play, in particular in reviving the Arab Peace Initiative that could be an important element of the way forward to restart the process that at the moment is not in place. 

We are very much aware in the European Union that the lack of process in itself is creating a vacuum that is extremely dangerous, in Gaza, in Jerusalem and in the West Bank. We have discussed the ways of cooperating together with other friends and partners in the region and in the international scene, such as the United States, the UN, Russia, other key Arab countries, to recreate the conditions for a Middle East Peace Process to bring concrete results on the ground and the creation of the Palestinian State on one side and on the other the right of Israel to live in security.

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