...By :  Adel Shalaby

This Lady Lives in Liverpool and is having quite a positive and important impact on the general public in a positive way.

Karen Johnson a dedicated Humanitarian who is giving help and encouragement, empowering victims who have lost their way in life through Domestic Abuse.

A strong woman who's dedication to humanitarian projects is phenomenal, a person who is humble yet has time to listen, show empathy, understanding and most of all a lady who truly cares giving mountains of encouragement empowering people with confidence, self worth to be able to obtain a better quality of life after abuse in all situations also helping people with Alcohol and drug misuse.

The loving caring nature of this lady extents even further to helping charities for blood cancer, and also for a local Woodlands Cancer hospice, where her Father spent his finale days, only last year Karen Johnson lost her Father to cancer which was very devastating for her, but she still carried on with her humanitarian dedication helping others and forsaking her own needs to grieve the death of her beloved Father who was everything to her.

Karen's own Son Joe Bradley also shares the same compassion and engaged in a charity bike ride in aid to raise essential and much needed monies for the Cancer hospice 2 times raising a substantial amount of cash.

Karen Johnson a survivor of Domestic abuse herself 7 years of torture, has come out of the corner she was backed into, stronger than ever and on a mission to help, give guidance and be a voice for all the fragile Angels who have no voice, afraid of what will happen if they speak out and seek help to break away from the perpetrator that keeps these fragile angels in invisible chains.

Karen Johnson has written a book called, Out Of The Corner, in this gripping book a story of glamour, abuse and determination, Karen tells us about her life as a model, domestic abuse violence, a survivor, how she got herself out of every corner she has ever found herself in.

Karen says, " We all get backed into corners in our lives and through my book I want to inspire and empower others, whatever their situation, to get out as well.

Karen works with young women, especially those who have experienced domestic violence, Karen raises their awareness of the tactics of a bully-dominator, encourages confidence and self worth, and helps them grow in determination, strength and self-respect.

Karen Johnson also undertakes public speaking on this subject.

This lady is remarkable amazing and lets nothing stand in her way of determination and dedication helping others, where this lady lives with crippling pain due to a crumbling spine, relentless agonising pain this lady just carries on.

Karen Johnson gives as much as she can give but stays humble and expects nothing in return, she is happy knowing that she has helped people get back on track with their lives, much stronger, and with more confidence and most of all being happy.

Karen Johnson has become the human torch to light up pathways for many people who have been lost in the dark for a very long time, many people have taken hold of her kind hands to be gently guided to safety , Karen Johnson has received considerable amounts of awards in recognition of all that she has done and continues to do, still very humble and in complete and utter shock that she should receive anything at all for the voluntary work she has done , This remarkable and fascinating lady has been honoured with, LIFE EFFECTS AWARDS KAREN JOHNSON

You have touched lives



Award of


Karen Johnstone

Presented in recognition of

passion, your devotion to help

The Malisha Da Queen NGO

youths in Africa to live a life 

of dignity

Karen Johnson appeared on the Pauline Long show again reaching out to any many people she could, to be their voice and to be their light into happiness and fulfilment into a positive and a better existence that victims don't feel they are entitled to and to encourage creativity, you can be whatever you wish to be, there is no limits to what you can achieve.

Karen Johnson this outstanding human being also appeared on the local Liverpool Radio station,
Radio City with Pete Price to put forward her messages of hope and  help to as many people still suffering in silence from all kinds of abuse.

Unfortunately Karen Johnson on the 28th of December 2014 was blighted by a serious incident, in her home town of Liverpool, out for the evening with a friend, it was time to make ways back home after an enjoyable evening with a close friend both ladies headed for the taxi area to find a taxi to take them both home, out of nowhere both ladies were viciously attacked, Karen Johnson was kicked multiple times and then punched unconscious along with her friend, the unknown suspect then jumped into the taxi and was gone, after sometime the alarm was raised, the two ladies taken to hospital with severe bruising, swelling and not in a good way at all but released.

The police were involved but to no avail, the culprit was never discovered, but through it all, this incident still did not stop Karen Johnson continuing her determination to carry on with her humanitarian compassion on helping those who needs help, Karen's health has  deteriorated drastically since the horrendous assault that has left this lady in more severe pain, Karen still forsaking her own needs carries on as a soldier of compassion.

I feel that it would be good in the interest of public to be able to hear what this remarkable lady is doing in Liverpool and also to engage the public with hope and courage this lady offers.

Ambassador for Sierra Leone Malisha Da Queen NGO youths in Africa to live a life of Dignity. 
 Esther Kayden Lawson.....

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