UNESCO gives the artist George Maher Master of Arts

By : Claer Mark

Visual artist and photographer George Maher, the Egyptian world gets a master's class in Arts from UNESCO events during the end of the first Rome International Conference for the Arts on Friday night Sept. 20 Ginevra Park Hotel Rome.

Artist George had traveled last week to the city of Rome, Italy, to attend and participate in the activities and workshops accompanying the First International Festival of Rome for the Arts.

In this context, speaks George in an exclusive interview to the newspaper, saying he was happy with his participation in the activities of this festival where such festivals and workshops opportunity to learn about the cultures and the exchange of artistic and cultural experiences with foreign artists, others from different countries where each artist participant be the best ambassador to represent his country and adds George has been nominated for the master's class in the arts on the part of the organizers of the festival and he was happy to honor UNESCO next to him some of the participants in this international festival, other artists.

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